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Stewardship Legacy Coaching™ extends beyond the dollar sign to help you accumulate lasting treasure and leave a lasting legacy.

What kind of legacy will you leave?

We help our clients in the following areas


How will the next generation be impacted by your decisions? Will you have prepared them to receive the inheritance you have planned for them? Our family is a precious inheritance from God who we have been entrusted with to provide more than just financial assistance. Discipleship in all the capitals of their lives is entrusted to us. Will we be faithful?


What we own does not define us, but it can either limit or elevate our influence on others. Ensuring our loved ones have sufficient provision but not enough to ruin them is paramount to the handling of finances.


Each person is uniquely made by God to fulfill a God-given purpose and leave their footprint in this world. Growing spiritually is the most important part that needs to be cultivated to live worthy lives.


We were made to create and often times that might be in the development of a business that serves as a key part of our legacy. The basis for our business needs to be built on the foundation of biblical generosity. Preparing future leaders of our business helps our vision to last long past our ownership.


Everything we do is ultimately out of service to God and for His glory. Having a Kingdom mentality ensures we are not just investing for the here and now. Knowing we are accountable to invest for God’s Kingdom serves as a motivation to wisely steward all God has given us.

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Our Value to Clients

We are so confident in the Stewardship Legacy Coaching process that the Lord has blessed us with, that we guarantee clients who fit our Ideal Client Profile and engage us, that in the first 12-24 months they will save 5 times what they pay us in current income tax savings or at least 10 times what they pay us in estate or IRD tax savings!  Most prospective clients find this to be a compelling Value Proposition and engage us for the Stewardship Legacy Coaching process.

Emails received yearly

 Emails received yearly – Over 100,000

Coffee consumed yearly

Coffee consumed yearly – Over 5,000 cups served annually

Kingdom Capital Raised

Kingdom Capital Raised – over $900 million

Satisfied Clients

Our clients are our top priority – always