They really listened. They “got us” pretty early on. After visiting with Jeff and Matt, we had the confirmation from the Holy Spirit that their desire was to help God’s people be good stewards of the assets and resources they are entrusted with.

David and Pam B.

What is Stewardship Legacy Coaching™?

Stewardship Legacy Coaching™ extends beyond the dollar sign to help you accumulate lasting treasure and leave a lasting legacy.

It is a unique process we use to assist our clients in the following five areas of their Legacy™.

What Kind of Legacy Will You Leave?

Gain enhanced clarity concerning:personal_icon

  • Your unique, God-given Life Purpose.
  • Going from “Success” to “Significance.”
  • The fulfillment of your mission for the “second half” of your life.
  • Optimization of the use of your time, talents and treasures, as well as your leadership and influence, so as to positively impact the lives of others, especially family members, while considering and implementing plans that impact the Kingdom of God.

family_iconStewardship of your Family Legacy

Become proactive and intentional about:

  • Intergenerational mentoring of our children and grandchildren.
  • Passing on virtues and values as part of our legacy.
  • Intergenerational reconciliation (if needed).
  • Passing on Wisdom as well as Wealth.
  • Passing on our faith, a heart for ministry and a passion for generosity to our heirs.

financial_iconGain enhanced confidence as you consider and answer these questions:

  1. How much is enough for us?
  2. How much is enough for our children and grandchildren?
  3. What is an appropriate inheritance (so that it is a blessing and not a curse)?
  4. How do we structure their inheritance to protect it for them and protect it from them?
  5. How can we train our family members to be wise stewards of their inheritance?
  6. How can I prepare my spouse to make wise financial decisions after I’m gone?
  • Create a Zero Estate & IRD Tax Plan.
  • Safe significant money in current income and/or capital gains taxes.
  • Convert your “Social Capital” (taxes) to Kingdom Capital to help fund the Great Commission.


business_iconStewardship of your Business Legacy

Become wise stewards of your business legacy.

  • Seeing God as the Owner of our business and ourselves as His “Chief Stewardship Officers.”
  • Casting a vision for the future of the business and effectively communicating the mission and values throughout the organization.
  • Training the next generation of business stewards and leaders.
  • Prudent Business Succession and Exit Planning.
  • Integrating your faith throughout your business.
  • Becoming intentional and proactive about stewarding your business culture.
  • Using your business as a platform of influence to your employees, clients, customers, vendors and the community at large.
  • Using your business as a conduit for Kingdom Capital (and saving taxes in the process!).

kingdom_iconIncrease your personal and financial IMPACT on ETERNITY by:

  • Casting a ministry vision based on your ministry passions.
  • Investing your time, talents, treasures, leadership, relationships and influence in the Kingdom.
  • Involving children and/or grandchildren in our giving and modeling Biblical Stewardship and generosity to them.


Did You Know?


70% of family wealth never makes it to the next generation. - The Williams Group


Over 80% of family owned businesses do not survive an intergenerational transfer. - Business Enterprise Institute


About 80 percent of those reared in the church will be "disengaged" by the time they are 29. - Barna Research