How will we be remembered? Chances are, we don’t think about that much and are not able to objectively examine ourselves all that easily. But those who are in our inner sphere are watching and catching how we are living which says so much more about us than what we are saying. Sometimes legacy building can be daunting. So if you are wondering where to begin, here are 5 ways to living and leaving a legacy that counts.

#1 Live Authentically (Be Real)

Being real with others around us should come naturally, but all too often the pressures of this life crowd in or we feel a need to stifle who we really are. Living authentically is not about perfection, but about honesty and being able to laugh at our imperfections rather than hide them. When we live authentically, people feel they can be themselves around us, too.

#2 Live Joyfully (Be Joyful)

Joy can be chosen even in the hardest of places. Joy is innate, not external. And it is found in a relationship with God. When we demonstrate joy by refusing to let the world shape us into its jaded mold, we spread joy. And joy is contagious, extending to those around us, even to the next generation.

#3 Live Gratefully (Be Grateful)

It’s easy to take things for granted, but gratitude reminds us that all we have was given to us. Grateful living spawns generosity and shows others around us to not be entitled, but overwhelmed with gratitude instead.

#4 Live Faithfully (Be Faithful)

Doing what we say we are going to do leaves an impression and brings security to those around us. When we are faithful to our spouses, faithful in our work, and faithful to our promises, others can count on us and we leave a legacy that counts.

#5 Live Intentional (Be Intentional)

It might take placing reminders in front of us to help us remember the people we want to be. Or creating an inner circle of people who will help hold you accountable to your goals. It will definitely take faith and reliance on God. But don’t shrink back from living intentionally toward the legacy you want to leave for others to follow in. Check out last month’s blog post on Living with the End in Mind for more encouragement.

These are just 5 ways to living and leaving a legacy that counts. What other ways do you seek to leave a legacy?