Individuals & Families

Are your heirs prepared for the responsibility of wealth? We come alongside you to create an effective plan to ensure they’ll be ready, in wisdom and in stature.

Many people want to be Good Stewards of their Family Legacy, but they don’t have Clarity about how much to leave their Children or Grandchildren or, even more importantly, how to Prepare their Family to be Wise Stewards of what they will leave them. They also want to Bless their Family in the most Tax Efficient manner while also Honoring the Lord’s work as part of their Legacy.

The Stewardship Legacy CoachingTM Process guides couples through the lens of Biblical stewardship. We look at stewardship holistically, in all aspects of a person’s life, not just their finances. By integrating Vision, Mission and Core Values into a Master Stewardship Legacy plan, we are able to help individuals like you achieve greater clarity about the stewardship of their Family Legacy.

How prepared are you?