Every Father’s Day is a reminder to everyone to honor their fathers. But it is also a reminder to Christian fathers to examine the hopes they have as a dad and to remind themselves to continue to press on toward those hopes. A father’s hope in Christ helps the common hopes of this life to have significance and to last well past this life.

Fathers have a multitude of hopes and aspirations for their children but those hopes are in vain if they are not built on faith in Christ.

A Father’s Hope: Happiness and Well-being

Fathers hope for their children’s happiness and overall well-being but the greatest joy is that our children are not just happy in this life but that they are following Christ in this life. Fathers hope that whatever this life delivers to their children that their children can have abiding joy. This joy is not dependent on life’s circumstances but on Christ’s faithfulness.

A Father’s Hope: Success and Achievement

Fathers often hope for their children to find success in various areas of life. This can include academic achievements, career accomplishments, personal goals, and fulfilling their potential. But Christian dads hope for the greatest success which is godliness with contentment as they seek to fulfill Christ’s commission and God’s will for their lives.

A Father’s Hope: Personal Growth and Development

Fathers hope that their children will continually grow and develop as individuals. They want to see them mature, gain wisdom, and become independent and responsible adults. They hope their children will cultivate strong values, critical thinking skills, and a sense of purpose. Christian Fathers hope their children will press after spiritual growth and lead others to do the same.

A Father’s Hope: Strong Character and Moral Values

Fathers often prioritize the development of strong character and moral values in their children. They hope that their children will exhibit qualities such as integrity, honesty, kindness, compassion, empathy, and resilience. The hope in Christ is that their values do not bend with the world’s idea of values but that their values are built on God’s word.

A Father’s Hope: Healthy Relationships

Fathers hope for their children to cultivate healthy, fulfilling relationships. This includes having strong bonds with family members, nurturing friendships, and forming loving partnerships. They want their children to develop effective communication skills, empathy, and the ability to build and maintain meaningful connections. The hope of Christian dads is that their children’s relationships will be godly and encouraging toward their relationship with God.

A Father’s Hope: Independence and Self-Sufficiency

Fathers hope that their children will become independent and self-sufficient individuals. They want them to be able to make their own decisions, take responsibility for their actions, and navigate life’s challenges with confidence and resilience. They hope their children will have the skills and resources necessary to lead independent lives. Christian fathers hope that their children will always be dependent on God and always remember that all they have came from His hands.

A Father’s Hope: Fulfilling Family Life

Fathers hope that their children will create and maintain fulfilling family lives of their own. They hope to see their children establish loving relationships, build strong families, and experience the joys of parenthood. They desire a sense of continuity and the happiness of future generations. Fathers in Christ hope that the legacy of a family in Christ will continue for generations.

The hopes we have for our children are not for us, but for Christ and for their well being. There is no greater hope than that.