You raised your children to know God and to live their faith out authentically. You modeled this lifestyle and legacy in front of your children, as well. But the day came when your child brought shame to your family name and by their actions did not represent the family legacy well. Finding hope when your legacy is broken is not only possible, but it is part of the legacy of those who are in Christ.

What then? Does a broken family legacy mean your legacy is over? No.

Your legacy stands as you continue to steadfastly walk in integrity.

Your legacy stands as you are longsuffering in restoration.

And your legacy stands as you don’t cover over the shame, but deal with it in a redemptive manner.

Hope can be born where legacies are broken.

Finding Help Through Restoration

Helping your child to pick up the pieces of their own personal brokenness can help to restore the family legacy, but the goal should be their personal restoration more than yours.

It might be that this break in the family legacy provides an opportunity to extend the family legacy as others watch the redemption and restoration manifest through unconditional love and grace.

Sometimes imperfect family legacies that are restored leave a more lasting legacy than ones that appear to be perfect from the outside.

Finding Hope Through Christ’s Legacy

No lasting legacy was ever fashioned without struggle and failure. Just like the legacy Thomas Edison left in the crafting of his lightbulb led to over 1,000 failures, it was perseverance and a refusal to let failure define him that led him to a legacy we still admire today.

Persevere in the formation of a legacy that honors God. Looking over the tapestry of history, we have a great cloud of witnesses who also overcame family dysfunction, sin, and brokenness. The genealogy of Christ has members like you and me. Imperfect people in need of a greater legacy than a human one.

The legacy of Christ is what transforms our family legacies into a legacy that lasts through our failures and stands as a testament to the world.

Yours for a Thriving Legacy,

Jeff Rogers