“And who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” —Esther 4:14

Our daily lives are an appointment from our sovereign God. The words spoken to Esther more than two millennia ago were not just for her. They were for us, as well. For such a time as this God has called each one of us to leave His legacy to a lost world. Will we be faithful?

For Such a Time As This—Be Intentional

It is easy to get lost in a busy world and to lose sight of our purpose. Intentionality is only beneficial when it is grounded in the word of God. Are you living intentionally to leave Christ’s imprint on those around you? The closest neighbors we have are under our roof. They should see the best of us, not the worst. Are we intentionally leading them so they, too, can be faithful stewards of Christ’s legacy for such a time as this?

For Such a Time as This—Be on Mission

We might not be a king or a queen in a foreign land, but as we seek to be intentional about the calling of God in our lives, God has a specific calling for each one of us that belongs to no one else. Be on mission. Every circumstance we go through is a mission. Nothing is a “coincidence”. There are only God-incidences that help us to navigate this seemingly haphazard, chaotic world. The legacy we leave is in the minutia of the day-in and day-out lives we are blessed to live. Will we be faithful to stay on mission when life is hard? Can we see the needs around us more than we see our own?

For Such a Time as This—Be Available

Our time isn’t our own. We are merely stewards of it. “For such a time as this” is every day of our lives—we will never get any moment we live back. Be available for God’s whisper. Be available and intentional as you are on mission to help others see Christ both in you and in this life. The legacy you leave is not your own.

Yours for a Thriving Legacy,

Jeff Rogers