Valentine’s Day has come and gone again, but February is not over and love is still in the air all year through. It starts with a decision, often automatic, but carefully nurtured – to choose to unconditionally love those God has placed in our sphere of influence.

How this love is shown will vary from person to person as we all have different love languages and communicate love in our own unique way. Still, there is a common factor for everyone who seeks to leave a legacy of love.

The Legacy of Love is Others-Centered. 

Rather than thinking about the fulfillment others can bring us, when we really love the people around us, we cherish them and think on ways we can demonstrate just how special they are. We carefully study the ones we love. What are their interests? What are their dreams? How can we help encourage them to pursue being the best they can be?

The Legacy of Love is Thoughtful.

When we are blessed enough to have people in our lives who belong to our family, church or organization, we don’t take the gift of their lives for granted. We thoughtfully consider our impact of love on their souls down the road – not just for a day. Planning for special occasions to demonstrate our care provides a stability to loved ones. Living loved is one of the best conduits for producing people of change. We can be a visionary in the lives of those in our circle of love.

The Legacy of Love is Consistent.

Affirming the ones we love works best when we develop a pattern. Date nights or family times set aside consistently produce a lasting legacy more than just catching fleeting moments when we can.

The Legacy of Love Makes Practical Preparations.

Life can be so overwhelming it might seem impossible to think ahead, but love spurs us on to plan for the care of those we love when we are gone. Beyond the grave, will those we love still feel the impact of our love? Will our planning take away the stress and pain of our absence, or add to it?

The Impact of a Legacy of Love

Loving traditions, thoughtfully crafted that are unique to us and those we love, take planning and persistence. Even when the objects of our affection don’t seem appreciative in the moment, the impact of our unconditional legacy of love will win out in the end.

Love is what makes the world go ’round and God wrapped His arms around the world to lavishly demonstrate His love to an undeserving people. No greater love could be shown than what God demonstrated for us, and the impact of His love is eternal. Ours can be, too. When we take Christ’s example and leave a legacy of love for all who God has entrusted to us, it just might affect their whole lives and eternity, as well.