When we receive a gift we are eager to offer thanks. We recognize the cost that went into such an offering. But some gifts we don’t recognize the significance of or we can forget about over time unless we are intentional to reflect and remember. Memorial Day is an opportunity and a reminder to never forget those who paid the ultimate price. Remembering those who sacrificed on our behalf helps us to live our one lives better.

Remembering Our Fallen . . .

This weekend we remember those who died in service of our country—people we don’t even know, who gave their lives to protect our freedom. Sometimes we can take that freedom for granted and forget to acknowledge the sacrificial service that has been given. We want to thank you and those you left behind for giving all you had to give for us and our country. Truly there are no thanks that could ever suffice for paying the ultimate price, but nonetheless, we thank you.

  • Thank you for sacrificing time with your own families, which meant missing holidays and special occasions, to protect our country.
  • Thank you for sacrificing your comfort to keep us comfortable.
  • Thank you for sacrificing your safety, to keep us safe.
  • Thank you for showing us what real bravery looks like.

Soldiers gave their lives so we could have freedom and a better life here on this earth, and Christ gave His life so we could have an abundant life on this earth, but an eternal one, as well.

Remembering Our Savior . . .

Those who are in Christ recognize the sacrifice of Christ as He laid down His own life for all sins for those who would believe. There is no greater perfect sacrifice than that.

  • Thank you, LORD, for sacrificing with your own life to pay our sin debt that we could never pay.
  • Thank you, LORD, for sacrificing to come from Heaven to earth to show us how to live.
  • Thank you, LORD, for sacrificially loving us while we were your enemies.
  • Thank you, LORD, for sacrificing your comfort and choosing pain and suffering to rescue our souls.

Remembering those who have gone before us helps us to live our lives better because of their sacrifice. But it is also beautiful to remember those who sacrifice on our behalf while they are still alive. Perhaps celebrating Memorial Day might include a letter or a call to someone who sacrificed on your behalf.

Remembering Our Parents and Grandparents . . .

Parents who raise their children are not perfect, but they sacrifice in countless ways to protect, provide, and promote our welfare.

  • Thank them for sacrificing financially on your behalf.
  • Thank them for sacrificing their time to invest in you.
  • Thank them for sacrificing their comfort to make you comfortable.
  • Thank them for sacrificing so you would not have to.

Steward the memories that matter most. Give thanks to God for the people in your life and celebrate the sacrifices made on your behalf . . . then go and do likewise.

Yours for a Thriving Legacy,

Jeff Rogers