Your Efforts are Commendable

Based on your answers, you have made important strides in ensuring your legacy reflects the values that made you into the success you are today. However, once made, you must consistently review your plan. Our values remain consistent, but there may be new realities that need to be reflected like a divorce or new birth. It’s best to have a Legacy Coach go over your plan with you, and have them provide any and all feedback possible. You can’t be over-prepared when it comes to establishing your legacy.

Your Next Steps:

Once you’ve created your Family Legacy, ensure it aligns with your values and beliefs. Discuss all possible avenues with your spouse, and have him or her give their approval. Next, share this plan with your children and grandchildren so they are fully prepared to handle the Family Legacy.
If you have any questions, contact Stewardship Legacy Coaching to schedule a consultation. Our Legacy Coaches will work with you on finalizing a plan that exhibits your beliefs and serves God’s ministry.