The holidays are coming, ready or not. As we scramble to take care of the final details, it can be easy to think of our celebration as a massive to-do list and hope that everything turns out ok.

But we don’t have to leave our celebrations up to hope alone. We can plan our time and set goals that leave a legacy of our time together instead of just surviving the holidays.

Preparations and traditions aside, when the dust settles, how will you feel about your time spent over the holidays? Set goals for the holidays and plan your celebration instead of missing sweet moments. Don’t let the busyness of the holidays keep you from what matters most.

Busy, busy

We can get so busy with the details that we miss the main point of it all. Planning times to intentionally engage with loved ones around us helps to keep the balance.

Gifts of Thoughtfulness

As we plan gifts, we can also plan moments to do activities that loved ones enjoy. Being thoughtful about their favorite food or games makes memories that last longer than a holiday.

An Experience

Doing activities that require teamwork, like games, helps to create a light atmosphere that makes all feel welcome. Centering our time around our faith makes the moments more meaningful and less focused on the materialistic side of the holidays.

Remembering our goal for Christmas helps us to keep perspective when our plans go awry. The goal of Christmas is not about all the things that enhance the holiday, but about leaving a legacy and a lifestyle in celebration of our good God and the precious people He has given us to share this life with.

This Christmas can be the best ever if we have our hearts in the right place. Below are some articles for you to enjoy as you consider how to make your Christmas extra special this year.

Enjoy the gift of life and salvation with those God has placed in your life. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Articles to help you enjoy time with loved ones:

Yours for a Thriving Legacy,

Jeff Rogers