The importance of a grandparent’s prayers for their grandchildren and the influence they wield can be a powerful means of securing the legacy and the hearts of the next generation. There is no substitute for the legacy and influence of grandparents in the lives of their grandchildren.

My Gram Rogers left a legacy that transformed the trajectory of my life by planting seeds of faith throughout my life, pointing to my greatest need—Jesus. Through generosity, serving others, prayer, and sharing wisdom, she exemplified Christ and introduced me to Him as my Savior.

The Legacy and Influence of Grandparents: Through Generosity

Others receive gifts on their birthday, but Gram gave us a gift that would change our lives and eternal destinies. Inside the front cover of the Bibles that my grandmother gave my brother and me when I was ten, she wrote, “Read Psalm 46:1.” This was a birthday present, but it was not my birthday, nor was it my brother’s. It was hers. That’s the way Gram Rogers was. She was generous.

Another way of teaching grandchildren generosity is to have them participate by giving to others. Having them earn money by serving and providing opportunities to be generous to others helps them experience the joy of generosity.

The Legacy and Influence of Grandparents: Through Serving Others

From as early as I can remember, Gram shared her faith, not only in words but through the example of her life and her actions. I would tag along as she visited people in need, sharing the joy of Christ as she brought them groceries and other necessities. Because of Gram’s example, I had an innate knowledge of God. I believed that He was who He said He was, that the Bible was the true word of God and that Jesus was His son.

One way to teach your grandchildren to serve is by serving with them at church, in your neighborhood, or on a mission. Finding out what their passion is and what they care about might help to ignite a servant’s heart within them.

The Legacy and Influence of Grandparents: Through Prayer

Gram Rogers demonstrated what it meant to know Christ through word and deed, but she also fervently prayed on my behalf. Through prayer, Gram planted seeds of faith that were hidden from me but bore fruit in years to come. Grandparents have a unique vantage point, insight, and opportunity to reach their grandchildren through prayers.

One way to add impact to your prayers is to journal your prayers and share fulfilled prayers with your grandchildren. This can be a wonderful testimony of your care and God’s movement on their behalf.

The Legacy and Influence of Grandparents: Through Wisdom

Gram also freely shared her wisdom through words and gifts that changed my view of God. I am eternally grateful for the lessons she taught me, and in turn, my quest is to do my best to share that wisdom with others. Her example showed me that we need to be Christ-centered and others-oriented.

One way to impart wisdom is to ask your grandchildren how they would approach certain situations, then compare to see the difference between biblical wisdom and human or worldly wisdom.

Through You

The next generation needs grandparents who will rise up and fill the space they were divinely given to influence the next generation. Your voice matters. The valuable lessons of generosity, service, prayer, and wisdom are often caught more than merely taught. Finding creative ways to teach them lessons in the context of life frames their understanding of what life in Christ looks like.