Love is in the air . . . Valentine’s Day is approaching and our surrounding culture is booming with marketing ploys to get consumers to demonstrate their love.

But we know better. Gifts bought can show our affection for a moment, but there is a demonstration of love that lasts well past time. This kind of love is permanent, a legacy to those who are blessed enough to receive it.

When we deeply love those around us, we want them to feel the ripples of our affection long after we are gone. We want them to know they mattered and that we did all we could to express our love while we had the chance.

Love that leaves a legacy cherishes each day and does not let love grow old. It does not view this expression as a duty, but a privilege. To have an object of our affection who God has entrusted to us is an amazing blessing. We don’t look to our loved ones to meet our needs, but as we pour our love on them, we find ourselves loved back. Fulfilled.

Love that leaves a legacy seeks not to make others happy and invests in their joy even when it might be inconvenient or hard . . . and never lets others know their effort was great, to diminish the fervor of their care.

Love that leaves a legacy lives a life of godly character that lasts beyond their time. Time with God is paramount and this character is infectious. Loved ones have the treasure of your love, along with the wisdom you sought after, passed down to them to guide them throughout their lives.

This Valentine’s Day, seek ways to love that will be remembered long past today. And pass on the joy of a thriving legacy to loved ones so they can live loved even after you are gone.

Yours for a thriving legacy,

Jeff Rogers