We’ve settled into our routines once again in this new year, perhaps made some changes and recalibrated how we will invest the days that God has given.

Before the days slip by too quickly, what is it that we had in our hearts to pursue and apply in our lives this year? That thing that eludes us each year as we set to try and live differently?

Wisdom. Although we might have had other goals or motivations, it is wisdom that is behind the achievement of all of our resolutions.

Wisdom is knowledge applied, where we live out what God has revealed. With wisdom, we understand the “why” behind our goal and the “what” or purpose of our lives, and with understanding comes an ability to succeed.

Sometimes we run in circles like the proverbial definition of insanity—doing the same thing year after year aiming toward goals and hoping for a different result—without stepping back and applying wisdom first. Solomon knew what he needed most to govern God’s people. What we need most to govern our lives is the same—wisdom. Without it, we seek to accomplish resolutions that are fleeting.

Wisdom is how our legacy is lived out and how it endures. How will you wisely govern your life, your family, your job, relationships, all that God has given you in 2020? Having a Family Mission and Vision can be an important part of applying wisdom to your goals. Download the free Vision/Mission template as my gift to you as you wrestle with applying wisdom to your legacy and life this year.

May God help us to be people who seek wisdom in His word and apply it to our lives. And may we be faithful stewards of that wisdom, transferring wisdom to our loved ones so they, too, can live their lives well for God’s glory.

Yours for a Thriving Legacy in 2020,

Jeff Rogers

Download a Free Vision/Mission Template