Every summer has its own potential legacy. Will it be time frittered away or time well spent? Maybe it can be a time to build relationships. Or maybe it can be an opportunity to invest in things that the rest of the year does not afford the time to do. The legacy of summer is found in the things we cease from doing. And in creating moments to recalibrate our souls again toward God’s calling on our lives.

The Legacy of Summer: Seize the Day!

Blissful moments of fun seem few and far between when we get in the mode of hustle. If we don’t manage our schedule, it will manage us. If we don’t come apart, we will come apart. There are many adages to remind us of the need to choose a different rhythm—and summer is an invitation to do so, if only for a short while. Go out for walks, look at the stars, walk on the beach, or do something you have never done before! Life is meant for living!

The Legacy of Summer: Seize the Breeze!

Getting outside and just being still recharges us. Soaking in the sun’s rays and the gentle breeze does a lot to repair frayed nerves from life’s normal hectic pace. Life’s routines can put us in a rut, but choosing to embrace the gift of life and the gift of a day fuels us for what lies ahead. Don’t miss the chance to abide in peaceful moments throughout the summer. Plan them and orient yourself to who you are again.

The Legacy of Summer: Seize the Ease!

All things considered, being productive has its plus sides. But never ceasing long enough to just “be” could cause us to miss the precious moments God gives us. Ultimately, we can miss the purpose of our lives while our ladders are leaning against walls we don’t know how to take down.

This summer, we hope you are taking time to reflect on where you have been and where you want to go. If you feel you are on a ship without a rudder, we would love to help you. Here at Stewardship Legacy Coaching, we offer services to help you determine your goals and find gaps that might prevent you from reaching those goals. Contact us for a free consultation.

Carpe Diem! God has a purpose for you in every season of your life. Embrace this summer season and let God renew you as you examine your life and continue to build your legacy one day and one moment at a time.