24 Feb, 2017

Leaving a Legacy of Love

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Valentine's Day has come and gone again, but February is not over and love is still in the air all year through. It starts with a decision, often automatic, but carefully nurtured - to choose to unconditionally love those God has placed in our sphere of influence. How this love is shown will vary from [...]

17 Jan, 2017

Your Family Purpose for 2017

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A new year is a new opportunity to look back over the former year and redefine the purpose of your family. Just coasting through last year's resolutions is like being out to sea in a boat without a paddle. Not very effective and we won't get anywhere fast. Maybe everything is going smoothly and we [...]

20 Dec, 2016

Giving the Gift of a Legacy at Christmas

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On this blessed day of the year, we have an opportunity to create something of lasting value, far greater than any gift that perishes. The wonder of Christmas morning can lose its luster over the years, but tucked away in the hearts of us all is a longing for joy to surprise us on Christmas [...]

16 Nov, 2016

Creating a Memorable Thanksgiving

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The lingering smell of turkey invites us to the Thanksgiving feast with loved ones around, oohing and ahhing over their favorite food. It's Thanksgiving again, with a hint of pumpkin spice and cinnamon filling the air, we are comforted with the simple things of life that help us to take a break from the ordinary. [...]