11 Dec, 2018

Cultivating a Family Legacy that Endures, Part 1: A Spiritual Legacy

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"We will not keep them from our children; we will tell the next generation about the Lord‘s power and his great deeds and the wonderful things he has done." (Psalms 78:4 GNB) Legacies are not just lived. They are shared. Told. The passion in our souls yearns to live well and leave well, but sometimes [...]

28 Jun, 2018

Raising Well Adjusted Heirs To Carry Your Legacy Forward

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Parents play a crucial role in the preparation of the next generation, but all too often the next generation can take on an attitude of entitlement and blame poor old mom and dad for their woes. True, the leadership of fathers and mothers in the lives of their children is significant and critical, but the [...]

31 Aug, 2016

Wisdom Transfer vs. Wealth Transfer

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I've heard it said that it is not what is taught, but caught. Likewise, it is not what we expect but what we inspect that reveals whether or not the legacy we are seeking to pass on is "sticking". The next generation stands to inherit a lot from those who have gone before them. Families [...]

25 Aug, 2016

Time’s Up: Stewarding our Time

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Schedules and resolutions are made, but why is time so difficult to manage? Time's Up. Seemingly a never-ending cycle of opportunities to invest moments for the here and now or for eternity, in reality, time is an evaporating commodity that we will be accountable for, ultimately having an earthly end. In light of this vacuum called [...]

7 Aug, 2016

The Legacy of Forgiveness

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Forgiveness has always been at the heart of God’s redemptive plan for our relationship with him and each other. Navigating through sin, emotions and consequences can make choosing forgiveness challenging, but once the decision is made to forgive, the peace that follows and the fruit borne confirm the choice. August 7th is International Forgiveness Day [...]

8 Jul, 2016

The Implications of Financial Freedom

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The celebration of Independence Day for our nation has passed, but freedom's bell continues to ring on in many areas of our lives. There are many freedoms we can enjoy, but freedom is not always available depending on political or personal oppression. The freedom to worship, political freedom, individual freedom to live and to prosper [...]

25 Jun, 2016

Intergenerational Mentoring & Discipleship in the 5 Areas of Legacy

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Generations come and go, but the imprint left behind by the former generation can linger several generations down the road - for better or worse. The fruit of persistent discipleship in the five areas of legacy recommended by Jeff Rogers and Stewardship Legacy Coaching help to develop families that live for the glory of God [...]