Empty shelves and countless faces with masks concealing a worried expression pervade the media. Churches no longer meet in person and students are now educated in their homes. The highest unemployment rate since the early eighties and a volatile stock market add to the feeling of instability, and all of these vast changes happened seemingly overnight.

And as we wait each day to hear what is the next change that will be part of our new reality, oddly enough, we realize that we can still have hope.

But hope does not just happen—it is chosen.

We’ve been here before, through times that are uncertain. And each time our God has shown Himself to be faithful.

In the midst of it all, we see God’s kind hand bringing good out of evil. Many families are home together, who were previously separated by crowded schedules. Heroic medical workers tirelessly work to care for the sick and the aged are respected as the world changes its course to honor and protect them.

All that happens here on earth is known completely by God. And while we wish for things to get back to normal, perhaps there is something deeper that God is accomplishing. But while we wait to see how this will all unfold, we at Stewardship Legacy Coaching are here for you.

Are you looking for Hope & Encouragement in the midst of all the Hopelessness and Discouragement that is being promoted by much of the media? Are you looking for fact-based information instead of the misinformation being promoted by mainstream media? We at Stewardship Legacy Coaching want to help by providing carefully curated resources that we believe will allow you to have a balanced & Biblical response. Our approach is one based on facts and reason and responding in Faith, rather than Fear. It is a message of Hope & Encouragement. To see how we at Stewardship are responding to this crisis and for helpful and encouraging resources for you and your family, we have created a special COVID-19 Response landing page on our website: https://www.stewardshipadvisory.com/coronavirus

Our Founder & Chairman, Jeff Rogers, has written a couple of White Papers sharing his perspective on COVID-19 & the markets and how we, as Christians (and investors) should respond.  We also have some great videos by Dr. Finny Kuruvilla, Chief Portfolio Manager at Eventide Asset Management and also Ron Blue, Founding Director of Kingdom Advisors.  Jeff strongly encourages you to watch these.  Also, many people you know (friends, family, co-workers, neighbors) are experiencing anxiety and stress over what is happening in our world and the markets.  We encourage you to be an Ambassador of Hope during this time; so feel free to share our COVID-19 Response page with others you care about.  They will be grateful you did!  Finally, we plan to add other carefully curated resources and information to our website in the days and weeks to come; so check back often and visit the COVID-19 Response Page for encouragement and hope during this time.