Giving a Legacy of Freedom

Parents long to give their children everything they can to help them succeed in this world. But sometimes it can be too much—the freedom they hoped to give can ensnare them, instead. Giving a legacy of freedom is not as easy as giving an inheritance. True freedom is not something we can give, after all. It must be chosen. But we can lay the groundwork so freedom can flourish in the lives of loved ones.

Giving a Legacy of Freedom—By Not Giving Too Much

Teaching our children how to handle finances well frees them from entrapment from what was intended to bless them. Raising them to work for what they own ensures that what they own does not own them. The temptation for parents is to give more than their children need, but doing so does not leave an important ingredient of freedom—hunger. Having enough but not too much is a delicate balance that is helped by teaching our children the importance of not keeping all we have for ourselves.

Giving a Legacy of Freedom—By Teaching Generosity

When we give to our children and guide them on how to steward what they have for the benefit of others, they learn that generosity keeps their hearts free from the love of money. Providing opportunities where generosity is of their own volition and at their expense helps generosity to be a way of life.

Giving a Legacy of Freedom—By Fostering a Good Work Ethic

When everything is given to our children instead of them working to earn what they have, they are not prepared to handle the blessing that they have been given. But teaching them a good work ethic so they learn that work is a blessing helps them to view work as not just a means to an end. Earning their own way also helps to teach them the importance of wise stewardship.

Giving a Legacy of Freedom—By Preparing Their Hearts

Our heirs need to be prepared to receive what we give them as well as what they earn. Transferring wisdom, as well as wealth, guards their hearts so they are better able to handle what they own. Giving a Legacy of Freedom is complicated, but not impossible. We can lay the groundwork so freedom can flourish in the lives of loved ones.

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