The summer months are drawing near and plans to spend time with loved ones are likely already underway. But what if such plans did not have to be only once a year? Retirement is an opportunity to consider what you wished you would have done in earlier seasons of your life when things were busier. How can the new resurgence of free time in retirement leave a legacy? Leaving a legacy in retirement is possible through a reallocation of our investment in our time, treasure, and talents.

Investment of Time

Before retirement, time was a difficult commodity. There was likely a lack of freedom to choose to do what you wanted to, confined by finances and the need to structure your life around work. But when you have planned well for your retirement, there is a golden opportunity to restore what the years ebbed away. Time with God and time with loved ones can be at the center of your life instead of the former paradigm which centered around employment.

Find new ways to connect with loved ones. Having a regular timeframe to meet, whether by phone, Zoom, texting, or in-person “dates,” leaves a legacy of presence that will remain when you are gone. Time together does not have to break the bank. Going camping, meeting for an event, or traveling to a destination can enrich relationships as you go exploring together.

In the “no man’s land” of the empty nest or retirement, finding a new normal and reallocating our schedule can be challenging. But with the increased flexibility in your time, go join others who are more limited in their time and treasure in what they are doing. Invest your moments of retirement with those who matter most to you.

Investment of Treasure

Sometimes, wondering whether we have saved enough or too much can rob us of the present. Once a budget has been established that has some wiggle room or fun and generosity, consider where you can invest to help ease someone else’s load.

Investing in ministries and organizations that have the heartbeat for what matters most to you is a significant way to leave a legacy that is more than just words. Stewardship Legacy Coaching offers the opportunity to guide you as you assess where you want to leave an impact. Reach out for a free consultation—we’d love to have a conversation to help you leave a legacy in retirement!

Investment of Talents

Sometimes, we miss the regular rhythm in our schedule and struggle to figure out how to fill some of the spaces. Resting is a wonderful choice to fill what can feel like emptiness—you’ve worked hard! But there are also so many opportunities to serve that can leave a beautiful legacy of selflessness.

Serving your family and neighbors in everyday life is another way to stay connected, but serving in the community at large provides the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others you might not have met otherwise.

Volunteering in the church, in the hospital, or wherever you have expertise puts your skills to work in a meaningful way that refreshes you and others. Leave a legacy in your retirement that makes the foundation you have laid last well beyond your years.