On this blessed day of the year, we have an opportunity to create something of lasting value, far greater than any gift that perishes.

The wonder of Christmas morning can lose its luster over the years, but tucked away in the hearts of us all is a longing for joy to surprise us on Christmas morning. Perhaps it will be a long treasured tradition that someone remembered or a secretly desired gift that we receive; or maybe it is the euphoric sense of delight that we feel when we simply give to others a gift that might make their life easier or bring them joy.

This Christmas, may we think about something more than the giving of things or even ourselves and consider how we might give a legacy, instead. A legacy cannot be neatly wrapped with a bow, so how do we give it away?

A legacy needs to be carefully planned.

Unfortunately, a legacy is not something we can buy on Amazon or borrow from someone else. It is deep within us as we search our hearts and examine our lives – our actions, not our intentions. When we consider our actions, we can take an inventory and see if they line up with our aspirations and intentions. Building in time into our day will be necessary to live the life we want to live. A legacy cannot just be spoken; it needs intentionality to give it life.

A legacy needs to be purposefully “given” to others.

We cannot just tell our vision about the legacy we want to leave to those who we are called to influence. Our legacy – the aftermath of the choices we make – needs to be truly who we are and it is in time spent with others that we give them ourselves and our heart. Purposeful discipleship and planning to make our vision “stick” will be required. Resources like this article from Family Life Today explores How to Leave a Legacy in Your Home and can offer possible ways to make your legacy tangible. Perhaps this Christmas our gifts or acts of generosity can be centered around the theme of our legacy.

A legacy needs consistency and repetition.

In order for our legacy to be “caught”, though, it takes consistency and repetition. A legacy cannot be merely spoken, but needs to become who we are. Building in times each day, week, month and year to reinforce your goals and life’s passion make your legacy a reality.

A legacy has many considerations.

Our legacy is personal and unique to each one of us, but it has many applications. The legacy of our family, business, ministry are just a few. What impact will we make for the Kingdom of God in these areas of our lives?

The end of the matter.

In the end, what will the action and fruit of our legacy be? In our estate planning, will those around us see evidence of our legacy? Now is the time to contemplate all that we are given and how it can glorify God and serve others. What will your legacy be? Now is the time to plan it, live it and give it.  If you are unsure of where to begin in the planning of your legacy, contact Jeff Rogers for a free consultation.

This Christmas, as we consider all of our blessings, may it spur us on to how we might extend that blessing to future generations.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years from Stewardship Legacy Coaching!