Honoring Dad Every Day

Honoring Dad on Father’s Day is expected. Every year it comes around and children pick out the infamous necktie or t-shirt to give to their dads, along with a funny Father’s Day card. And every year dads are grateful for the gifts because it means they were blessed with children. They get to be a Dad. But honoring dad is more than a once-a-year endeavor—at least it should be.

But sometimes we can lose that perspective when there is a rift between dads and children. Family conflict can create a chasm that seems impossible to cross. Gifts don’t matter as much as healed relationships and forgiveness.

Honor Dad with the Gift of Grace

The Holman Bible Dictionary defines grace as “Undeserved acceptance and love received from another”. We are all acquainted with grace from the undeserved grace we receive from God. But sometimes it is hard to be so gracious to others. Our hurt can cause us to build walls that no one can scale. Unless. Unless we remember the grace we were given and give it to someone who gave us life on this earth. When children forgive their Dad for being imperfect, this is a great gift that does so much more than a necktie. Maybe it is the other way around. Maybe it is the father who needs to forgive his children. This, too, is a great gift to both the Dad and child.

Honor Dad with the Gift of Your Presence

Yeah, maybe you can still bring a lame necktie, but your presence means so much more than your presents. Life gets busy. But when we form habits of honor in our daily lives, whether it is a text, an email, a phone call, or a visit on a periodic basis, when we are present, we give worth to our loved ones.

Our Gift To Dad

Honoring Dad every day is accomplished when we take time to reflect on all that our fathers did for us. Remembering their gifts to us is a gift to them.