Generations come and go, but the imprint left behind by the former generation can linger several generations down the road – for better or worse. The fruit of persistent discipleship in the five areas of legacy recommended by Jeff Rogers and Stewardship Legacy Coaching help to develop families that live for the glory of God and impact loved ones and others around us with Kingdom principles for eternity.

Personal Legacy. How we live matters. Those around us need to see us living out what we prescribe for ourselves and others. Setting a course and following it through requires discipline and intentionality, and flows over into every other area of legacy. Personal integrity is not just taught, but caught.

Family Legacy. Our nearest neighbor is right underneath our roof. Discipling our families to walk the narrow road in all aspects of their lives by instruction, example and coaching reaps rewards that carry on well past the present. Setting aside purposeful moments to build character in engaging family activities, service opportunities or devotions help reinforce the daily moments we have to live out faith together as a family.

Financial Legacy. Choosing to invest wisely for kingdom purposes impacts ourselves, our families and all who we are able to affect by provision or generosity at just the right moment. Budgeting wisely makes room to bless someone else and helps transfer a legacy of generosity that will be carried forward.

Business Legacy. Whether it is a family business, or we are a part of someone else’s business, we can be an example to those around us in our work ethic and preparations for the future of our businesses. To wisely steward our Business Legacy, our business can be used as a platform for influencing others for Christ, such as employees, clients/customers and vendors. Exit or succession planning and training the next generation of business leaders/stewards demonstrates diligence and helps to pave the way of security and excellence for future laborers and managers who come behind us. 

Kingdom Legacy. Having in mind the eternal purpose and consequence behind everything we do on this earth creates an urgency to live fruitful lives not wasted on temporal pleasures. When the motivation for all we are, give and do is the glory of God and His Kingdom, the reach of our lives is exponential. Immediate family, friends and people in our circle take notice when we rise above selfish motivations and live for God in every area of legacy in our lives.

Denise Blog Contributor imageContributor: Denise Pass, Executive Assistant to Jeff Rogers, Stewardship Legacy Coaching