Vacations offer an opportunity to build a legacy unlike when we are swamped in our normal busy lives. Without the demands of work and hectic schedules, we have the undivided attention (or at least we can) of our loved ones.

Of course, we can also schedule every minute of a vacation that we don’t get the reprieve we need, but the best vacations leave a margin to be filled with conversations that would not normally happen.
Planning a vacation that builds our family legacy doesn’t have to be difficult but it does take some intentionality. We never take a vacation from shepherding our children’s hearts. Below are some ideas that can help to make your family vacation a time you will treasure for years to come.
  • Dedication. Include God on your vacation. Going to a church local to your vacation can be a great conversation starter. Make time for devotions and even have some devotion time together.
  • Distraction. Limit electronics. Have agreed upon times where all are present and not distracted. And then have moments where each one can have their own private time.
  • Connection. Spend time with each family member for a walk or another activity so one-on-one talks can happen.
  • Recreation. Plan games that all enjoy and make it fun!
  • Variation. Vary the activities and take turns doing what different family members enjoy.
  • Memories. Take lots of pictures, but don’t make it all about the pictures!  Create a collage, video or photo album of the family vacation that all can enjoy.
  • Flexibility. Building a family legacy is not all about one individual, but about serving one another. More than getting our way is rejoicing in the delight of others. This might mean letting go of some expectations and remembering what matters most—the people surrounding you. When vacations go awry, there can be a legacy and memories created then, too.
  • Nurture. Have a meal plan that has everyone’s favorites and make mealtime together a great time of discussion and savoring the moments together.

This summer, enjoy your loved ones and build your thriving family legacy. Below are some fun vacation ideas.

Yours for a thriving legacy,

Jeff Rogers