Resilient Hope and Faith’s Triumph—Good News Series part 1

Bad news can wear us down and it is easy to come by. But good news sparks hope and reminds us that bad news does not win in the end. But we can have resilient hope and faith’s triumph in the hard places.

In a recent article, Focus on the Family recently featured an inspiring story about American Resilience that I thought we would share with you. It’s the story of the Flying W Ranch that burned down in 2012 and how the owner overcame many obstacles to rebuild.

Resilient Rebuilding

I (Jeff) visited the Flying W Ranch on several occasions when in Colorado Springs (before the fire burnt it down). The groups I was with had a great time of riding the wagons, walking through the old west style town and eating the BBQ and beans from their Chuck Wagon Dinners; followed by faith & family singing and entertainment.  I’m so encouraged to hear that their faith and American resilience is inspiring them to rebuild.  If you’re ever in the Colorado Springs area, I highly recommend a visit to the Flying W Ranch (some other high points are the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and, of course, the U.S. Air Force Academy)!

Tough Times Make Tough People

It has been a hard year thus far for us all. But this story is a reminder that tough times make tough people. Leigh Ann Wolfe Faith, the owner of the Flying W Ranch, embodies the resiliency that we can have in Christ. She showed that faith triumphs over fear and can withstand the fires of this world.

Resilient Hope and Faith’s Triumph—The Cross Kept Them Going

One unique part of their story was a wooden cross that stood amongst the ashes and kept them going. “At the root of the Flying W Ranch rise isn’t just grit and gumption. There’s something that transcends a drive to come back from a setback . . . faith.”

Set Backs Lead to Comebacks

The resurrection of the Flying W Ranch is a reminder of the restoration and resurrection that God does in our lives when we don’t let setbacks set us back. A setback is a setup for a comeback if we don’t let discouragement and bad news stop us.

Resilient Hope and Faith’s Triumph—A Gospel-Centered Hope

When our hope is centered on the Gospel, it is not rocked by calamity or troubles, but challenged to hold onto that hope to see what God can do in our midst. We can be resilient when we have faith in a living God to hold onto.

“Resilience is more than toughness and tenacity it’s bouncing back and coming back often better and more robustly than ever before. It’s not easy to come back after a setback our struggles come in all shapes and sizes, There are always plenty of reasons and excuses to give up. But John Wayne once said, “Courage is wanting to give up . . . but saddling up anyway. The tough and the resilient can keep going with God’s help, no matter what challenges they face.”

Watch the video and be encouraged.