January is almost over and time just seems to be flying faster than we can keep up with it. How does anyone have time to plan a legacy? Legacies don’t just happen. They are created and then recreated as we work to do more than just exist in this life. Time is not a roadblock for legacy building, but it is an impetus to keep pushing the ball forward. Here are seven ways to help you leave your legacy in 2022.

#1 Build Wisdom
You cannot transfer wisdom if you have not been diligent to study and grow in wisdom. Read the Bible daily and be transformed. Read books that fuel your vision then apply what you have learned to your plans.

#2 Transfer Wisdom
Part of the application of your newfound wisdom is being able to share it with others. Involve those dear to you in what you are learning—don’t leave them behind.

#3 Build Relational Health
Work on your relationships. Don’t just let them be. Get involved in a small group together or plan date nights or family nights that cultivate healthy, thriving relationships. Relationship building is key to the successful transfer of your legacy.

#4 Transfer Relational Health
Help others to be successful in their relationships. Start a marriage class in your church and mentor another couple. Apply the principles you have learned and help others to be able to follow in your steps.

#5 Serve Others
Our legacy points others to the real legacy we are carrying: Jesus’. A legacy that lasts serves others. Serving others does not always happen when it is convenient. This is where true godly legacies are born and we see what we are made of. Serve when life is messy and watch those around you be affected.

#6 Transfer a Servant’s Heart
Invite others to serve with you. It will likely be challenging and you will need to cast the vision many times so they want to follow and serve alongside you. But when we see the eyes of a child light up that we invited them to join us, we understand that serving is part of what we were made to do.

#7 Impart Your Heart
Let those around you see the real you—not the perfect facade of you. Let them see you in your struggles and see your motivations. Sincerity leaves an imprint so much more than just rules to live up to. And when we are humble enough to admit where we fall short, that leaves a beautiful legacy of humility that establishes our legacy for years to come.

May this year be a rewarding year for you as you seek to live well and leave well, friends!

Yours for a Thriving Legacy,

Jeff Rogers