Father knows best, but sometimes the demands on his time can throw confusion into his priorities. He needs to balance all of the responsibilities at work, at home, at church and any other opportunities he is juggling. Can he really do it all without sacrificing his family and his faith?

With so many obligations and distractions pressing and clouding our vision, remembering what matters most can serve as a compass when our way seems unclear.

This article illustrates a radical demonstration of a father’s commitment to being “present”, even when it cost him something else that he cherished greatly. It is an example of extravagant love shown simply by being there over anything else.

In a busy world, we cannot be with our family all the time. But we can be present when we are with them and choose to be with our loved ones over simply just giving them things. Being present in special moments, in particular, can leave a memorable impact that lasts a lifetime.

We long to give our children our best, but what they need more than anything else is the gift of ourselves.

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there who are shaping the future generation. Keep being present through all the twists and turns of life. It matters more than you know and is the greatest present you can give.