As we seek to leave a clear path for others to follow in, we must be intentional and authentic in walking out and leaving a godly spiritual legacy. Our legacy is attached to our faith. We cannot leave an effective legacy if our character does not match what we say we believe. Here are four ways you can establish and leave a godly spiritual legacy.

Be Godly: Live What You Believe

Habits help us or hurt us. But when we align our habits with our goals and beliefs, we are more faithful to develop habits that establish a godly legacy. Be accountable for what you believe. Examine your actions and not just your intentions. Have periodic times set aside to assess how you are living out your legacy. Evaluations can be done quarterly or on a monthly basis, weekly, or whatever frequency helps to keep you on task.

Be Biblical: Have a Biblical Worldview

Form your standards from God’s. We must be reading and studying God’s word in order to have a sound biblical faith. Be careful to practice what you preach and make sure that what you preach is in line with a biblical worldview. In an ever-changing culture, God remains the same. Living with consistent biblical standards helps others who follow you to do the same. Belonging to a Bible study group provides accountability and a plumb line for you to measure your worldview.

Be Consistent: Form Good Habits

A legacy is not formed once, but daily. Seek to establish patterns and habits that are doable for you. Maybe readjust your goals if needed. For a legacy to be able to be lived out, it needs to be something that you can carry out daily in some measure. Consistent time reading God’s word daily, consistent church and small group attendance, and consistent spiritual retreats to refresh your faith help your faith to be a vibrant relationship with God rather than a works-based religion.

Be Intentional: Communicate Clearly

For others to be able to carry your legacy forward, they need to know it, not just hear it. Mentor their hearts and make it easy for them to follow in your steps. Write a Letter of Instruction to Loved Ones and share it with them so they will know your heart. Meet with your family to discuss the passion for God that you have and the goals that you have for the family. Schedule a meeting with them to communicate your instructions so they will know now and be able to uphold your legacy long after you have departed. Schedule a consultation with Jeff Rogers to discuss leaving your godly spiritual legacy to see if there are any gaps in your planning.

Yours for a Thriving Legacy,

Jeff Rogers

Download “Letter of Instruction and Hope for Loved Ones”