Choosing our Attitude Helps us to Leave a Legacy of Contagious Gratitude!

It starts the moment we first wake up and continues with every word and deed we express to those around us as we go about our days. We create an atmosphere of gratitude or ingratitude each day. This Thanksgiving and all year through, leave a legacy of contagious gratitude and watch attitudes shift as you fill the atmosphere with joy. We don’t have to be a victim of our attitudes or anyone else’s. Here are some truths about choosing an attitude of gratitude that just might change your life.

Attitudes are Not Dependent Upon Circumstances

Life has enough challenges to tank our attitude in a heartbeat . . if we are dependent upon circumstances. But true gratitude is not formed in a perfect place. Gratitude is formed in the imperfect places of our lives. Gratitude rises as we lift our eyes off trying to make our circumstances better and choose to be thankful for our lot, making the best of it. So this Thanksgiving, circumstances do not have to be perfect in order to be thankful. Relish and cherish the moments and make those moments meaningful and grateful.

Attitudes are Not Dependent Upon Emotions

Happy one moment and bummed out the next, like a roller coaster ride with no end in sight, we can struggle to get off the crazy train of attitudinal shifts. Rather than being informed by our emotions, we can inform our emotions. Question emotions that are not joyful and get to the root of the matter. Let yourself grieve then choose joy. Joy that God’s grace is greater than your pain. Joy that He mysteriously works it all together for our good. And joy simply in the goodness of God.

Attitudes are Not Dependent Upon Others

Sometimes others around us can be frumpy or grumpy. Don’t let them set the atmosphere. Set the tone for your gathering, and more than that, for your life by fixing your mind on things above rather than things of this earth. Temporary gratitude can make a moment, but a disposition of gratitude can make a life . . . beautiful. 

As you apply these principles of shaping your attitude you will be able to rise above circumstances, emotions, and difficult relationships. And you just might leave a legacy of contagious gratitude to those around you. For more encouragement on gratitude, read our post the Test of Gratitude. We pray your Thanksgiving is blessed and full of gratitude that glorifies God! Happy Thanksgiving!

Yours for a Thriving Legacy,
Jeff Rogers