“Then give to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.”

 ~ Matthew 22:21


Tax season is upon us again and perhaps some misgivings ruminate in our minds about the portion that we are required to give away.

But just like our income must be carefully planned for the present and the future, so we should also consider the effect of planning for the taxation on our income and the legacy we are leaving as pertains to the stewardship of our taxation.

Our government rewards those who are generous to charitable causes, and this can be a motivating factor in our tax planning, but of even more importance is the opinion of God in charitable giving. He wants us to be a generous people, giving to those who are in need.

Everything we have is God’s. God recognized the need to give a portion to the government, but not more than that portion. Being wise in our tax planning means God can bless people through us with income that might otherwise have been wasted.

As we plan our estate and our income is divided amongst various obligations and choices, remembering God’s purpose in provision helps us to maintain an attitude of gratitude even when it seems the demands on our income are never-ending.

This tax season, let us consider how we can better plan for next year and give in a way that honors God and leaves a legacy for His glory.

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Yours in Building and Stewarding Your Legacy,

Jeff Rogers