You’ve worked hard on your preparations. An estate plan is in place, the will is done, a comprehensive wealth plan is complete, you have a team around you to guide loved ones and you have even worked to prepare your heirs for wisdom transfer. One thing remains: let go.

Let Go of Control.
While leaving a legacy takes a lot of planning,  Once we have done as much as depends upon us, we need to let go of controlling the outcome. We couldn’t anyway. Build in some flexibility within the framework of your legacy plan. Plan for the unexpected and have a back-up plan. Then trust God, Who is in control of it all, anyway.

Let Go of Misconceptions.
Maybe you want to leave a legacy but you are afraid that you will be misunderstood, that you will leave a legacy of pride rather than one of faith. But a legacy is less about ourselves than it is about the one who gave us all we have. Live well. Leave well. Build a legacy not for your glory, but in humility to take care of those who come behind you.

Let Go of Fear.
The phrase “Let go and let God” is not apathy or a lack of planning on our part, but a humble acknowledgement that once we have done our best to live our lives for God’s glory and to leave a legacy our loved ones and business partners can follow, then we leave the rest up to God. We can let go of anxiety and fear when we choose to trust God and lean not on our own understanding. When we pray over our plans and surrender them to our sovereign God who already knows the end, His perfect peace guides us.

When we do our part, God takes what we have done and brings His legacy to pass in and through us. He is faithful to complete the work He has begun and all of our planning is not in vain when it is done for His glory.