Every year we start off with goals that usually fade before the first month is through. And while goals are likely about achievements or bucket list items we envision, sometimes renewing our legacy is one of the best goals we can have. Periodically examining and renewing our purpose and legacy will take intentionality and a willingness to revisit our planning. But it will be well worth it.

The Purpose of Renewing Our Legacy

Planning our legacy is not a once and done proposition. Revisiting our plans periodically helps us to ensure that we will carry out our goals. When we take steps to reevaluate and reexamine our legacy, we could discover flaws that we might have overlooked before. And realignment with where we are today helps to keep our plans current and relevant. Reminding ourselves of the original purpose behind our legacy helps us to assess if that is still our purpose or if we have strayed from our purpose. It might even reveal that we need to shift our purpose. Asking yourself questions to drill down to the heart of your “why” will help you to discover whether or not your legacy planning needs a little jump start.

The Promise of Renewing Our Legacy

When we are accountable for our legacy planning, we are keeping a promise to ourselves and to our loved ones. And when we are faithful to consistently revisit our legacy goals, we pave the way for our legacy planning to become a reality. Like trees that bear fruit when they are pruned, when we examine our legacy planning, pruning, and adding to it, our legacy will deliver on the promises we laid out.

The Pursuit of Renewing Our Legacy

Just hoping things will turn out is not planning at all. And just planning our legacy once will not ensure that we meet our goals. Don’t be afraid to review and revise. Plans often don’t come to fruition otherwise.

Yours for a Thriving Legacy,

Jeff Rogers