What is your legacy, really? Is it what you hope it will be? Sometimes reality can be a far cry from our intentions. But taking stock of our legacy can help to secure a legacy for others to follow in. Reviewing and Renewing our legacy keeps us on track to establish our legacy.

Reviewing Your Goals

Goals were not meant to be set and forgotten. They serve as a compass or an anchor to remind us of what matters most to us. Reviewing our goals once or twice a year for our life’s legacy helps to ensure that we do not drift far from it or lose it altogether. This review might have a checklist of all of the goals you set, marking your progress. It also might mean changing those goals.

Reviewing Your Actions

Goals are hopes. They will not come to fruition if we do not have a plan with actionable steps to work toward. Actions are objective. They demonstrate our progress or lack of progress. As stated in last month’s post, having vision or mission statements can also serve as a clear benchmark for us to have in plain sight to keep our legacy on track. Read this article I wrote on ForbesBooks’ website and download the free template to use in helping you to create your family, personal, or business vision and mission statements.

Reviewing Your Preparation

The paperwork of life needs to coincide with your legacy. Are your records easy to follow? Are you organized? Download this free Life and Legacy Checklist and ensure that those who come behind you know how to follow.

Renewing Your Future Plans

A solid review needs to be followed up with a plan to continue to move forward. Holding a family or business legacy meeting is one way to openly communicate the goals of your legacy. Others can also play a part in the implementation of your legacy. Schedule a consultation with Jeff Rogers to discuss reviewing your legacy to see if there are any gaps in your planning.

Download Your Life and Legacy Checklist

Yours for a Thriving Legacy,

Jeff Rogers