One Day at a Time

In this fast-paced world, more and more days are emphasized on our calendars, in an attempt to catch our attention long enough to cause us to reflect or act in some way that we might have overlooked. May 25th is one such day – designated “Senior Fitness Day”.

My granddad was in his fifties when he was diagnosed with heart disease. He could hardly walk around the block without panting heavily. This wake-up call made him realize he had to make a decision and act on it. Later, he would become a marathon runner into his seventies, winning 1st place in the United States and 3rd place in the world. In like manner, my dad realized his health was declining in his seventies and went on to lose 70 pounds and do a triathlon. He got rid of his walker, too!

Modeling Examples

My dad & granddad certainly have left a legacy and an inspiration for me as I age, as have other great examples of people who take charge of their health and are very physically fit late in life, but perhaps the reason a day is set aside is to help the rest of society who might not even be trying. When we see others being successful and “fit” in all areas of life, they can serve as an encouragement and a catalyst to help us reach for the same goals.

Global Fitness as a Lifestyle

Fitness need not just be relegated to the aged or to physical preparations, though. Even as we age, there is the need to have “tune ups” in our spiritual life, relationships, finances, eating and exercise habits.  Discipline in all of these areas does not come easy, but it is well worth the effort and leaves an example for those who come behind us, as well.

Space and Grace

Perhaps we need to give ourselves permission to fail while we attempt to work on areas that we need to become “fit” in. Involving friends or family to help us toward our goals deepens our relationships and forms a pattern of caring and working together toward a common goal and makes discipline fun. When one falls down, they can pick one another up.

Carpe Diem!

It is easy to become complacent or to think that age is too big of a factor to overcome our health issues, but having a day marked on the calendar is a reminder that we can start over again. Each new day is ready for the taking, with no mistakes in it until we act. Setting up boundaries and pursuing accountability will help us to achieve victory and perhaps make that day turn into a lifetime.

Denise Blog Contributor imageContributor: Denise Pass, Executive Assistant to Jeff Rogers