25 Aug, 2016

Time’s Up: Stewarding our Time

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Schedules and resolutions are made, but why is time so difficult to manage? Time's Up. Seemingly a never-ending cycle of opportunities to invest moments for the here and now or for eternity, in reality, time is an evaporating commodity that we will be accountable for, ultimately having an earthly end. In light of this vacuum called [...]

25 Jun, 2016

Intergenerational Mentoring & Discipleship in the 5 Areas of Legacy

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Generations come and go, but the imprint left behind by the former generation can linger several generations down the road - for better or worse. The fruit of persistent discipleship in the five areas of legacy recommended by Jeff Rogers and Stewardship Legacy Coaching help to develop families that live for the glory of God [...]

27 May, 2016

Vacationing with a Purpose

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  Vacations are a necessity in the life of the believer. An opportunity to unplug from our busy lives, time away from the routines of our lives helps us to put back into perspective what matters most. But just getting away from it all is not the highest purpose of our vacationing. God knew we [...]

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