Growing up, it was not uncommon to walk over a mile to school and to play outside for hours. Today there are so many options available to children and adults which keep them occupied without even having to move an inch. While times of rest can be refreshing, an overindulgence in this lifestyle could lead to a legacy of a lifestyle that is based on a digital unreality.

Movies and television shows put forth fictional messages that make the normal challenges of life seem unrealistic. Being focused on entertainment, whether it is video games, watching movies, playing with apps on our cell phone, or spending hours on our computers on the internet – is an escape from reality and dumbs us down spiritually.

An unspoken guilt resonates in the conditioned hearts of adults who feel they are depriving their children when they do not have all of the latest gadgetry. Meanwhile, all around us are people that God has placed in our lives who don’t need to be communicated with through a device, but need our human touch, conversation and guidance.

If we are not careful, adults can be just as wrapped up in electronics as the children, setting forth a legacy of distraction. Families can end up divided into their own digital pursuits, ebbing time away while God waits to see if we will catch a glimpse of what would be a more beneficial use of our time – getting into His creation together.

June being Greater Outdoors month, it is a great reminder of the standing invitation to escape from our prisons of self-occupation and explore God’s creation together. Rediscovery of the beauty of creation and the fun of enjoying it together far surpasses the role of being just a spectator of man’s creation, instead. This month and beyond, get outside and find new ways to connect with loved ones around you. Set aside the temporary joy of being entertained and make memories with your family that are reminiscent of God’s original design. in the great outdoors. You just might find you enjoy it more.

Denise Blog Contributor imageContributor: Denise Pass, Executive Assistant to Jeff Rogers, Stewardship Legacy Coaching