Summer is around the corner and the intoxicating aroma of barbecue summons us to take a break and enjoy the simpler things in life. Food nourishes our bodies, relationships and can even nourish our souls. In all of the financial decisions we make, food is one that occupies a large portion of our everyday budget. Making mealtime an occasion instead of just the consumption of food leaves a legacy for our family that meal time is about relationships.


When we are always in a rush with our hectic lives, we can consider the setting for mealtime. Does it create an opportunity to have conversation? Electronics in this digital age threaten to steal moments that could be shared with others around us. Would music enhance the setting, or is silence a better choice? Indoors or outdoors? Where we eat can make a big difference in the meal experience, as well.


With May being National Barbecue month, it is a great reminder of the simplicity of a picnic or barbecue in family meals. Cooking food outdoors adds a dimension to our mealtime that returns us to our roots. No financial pressure, either, in dining outdoors with food that is often less expensive than fancy restaurants.


Preparing food ourselves adds a special element to our mealtime. Whether cooking the food over an open fire or setting up a picnic with all the fixings, nothing says nurturing better than the personal touch of preparation. Special family recipes handed down over the generations add an additional level of intrigue and longing that invites everyone to enjoy the experience more, too.


Being intentional about the menu and setting add an important dimension to any occasion, but equally as important is intentionally creating “meaningful conversations” between family, friends and generations; grandparents, parents, children, etc. Providing opportunities to create family memories through special family traditions lays a foundation that binds the family together.


Who we have gathered around the table makes the biggest difference of all. This summer, enjoy some time with family and friends sharing a meal and stories, as well. The memories may just last a lifetime.

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Denise Blog Contributor imageContributor: Denise Pass, Executive Assistant to Jeff Rogers, Stewardship Legacy Coaching