“My mother taught me everything except how to live without her . . .” —Unknown

The most formative moments of our lives were crafted by moms. Without realizing it, moms perform one of the most significant works in the world. They impress upon the hearts of the next generation their character and purpose.  The legacy of moms is all-encompassing, impacting the lives of all they touch.

The Legacy of Moms: A Legacy of Love

Moms have a love that seems impenetrable. It is instant and unconditional. Moms demonstrate love in the mundanity of daily life. In so doing, they are helping their children to learn what it means to be accepted just as they are.

The Legacy of Moms: A Legacy of Wisdom

From learning to walk to learning how to speak and think, moms train their children how to be wise and walk in wisdom as they grow older. Ultimately, there is no other source that will have as much time as a mom has with her children, nor the influence and impact of her legacy.

The Legacy of Moms: A Legacy of Faith

Moms impart faith to their children and help them to hope beyond this life. They believe the impossible and believe their children can do anything.

The Legacy of Moms: A Legacy of Nurturing

Moms catch the tears that fall. They are ready with a hug when there are boo-boos or their children’s hearts simply hurt. Moms are a safe refuge that God has provided.

And there is something special about how moms nurture their family in the kitchen. From flour-dusted noses to the snitching of cookie dough, children feel special by the care a mom demonstrates with the food she provides and prepares.

The Legacy of Moms: A Legacy in the Kitchen

My executive assistant, Denise Pass, has captured the wonder of the legacy a mom creates in the kitchen. In her just-released devotional/cookbook, “Mommy and Me: Cooking with Jesus”, Denise and her team impart tips for moms and testimony stories as well as ideas for mom to share with her children.

This Mother’s Day, give the gift of nurturing to moms and grandmoms and pick up a copy of Denise’s book, “Mommy and Me: Cooking with Jesus”, so they can create special moments with their children, too.

We honor you, moms, and thank God for you! Happy Mother’s Day from us at Stewardship Legacy Coaching!

Yours for a Thriving Legacy,

Jeff Rogers


Purchase “Mommy and Me: Cooking with Jesus”

“Oh, Taste and see that the LORD is good! . . .” —Psalm 34:8, ESV.

In our busy culture today, the discipleship of our children has become increasingly difficult. And sometimes we just forget to have fun. In an effort to disciple our children “when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up” (Deuteronomy 6:7), the first in the Mommy & Me series, “Cooking with Jesus”, provides an opportunity for moms to have intentional moments of faith in the kitchen with their children.

When walking with Jesus in the abundant life He offers happens in the middle of our messy daily lives, our children see faith in action and catch our faith. As a homeschooling mom for 23 years of five children, four of whom are now young adults, Denise has a passion to help moms connect their faith with their children in their daily life. Bringing to life cherished moments she enjoyed with her children, Denise and her ministry team share key discipleship moments found in the kitchen with their children. Come and create something delicious for their tummy and soul!