What We Really Want for Christmas . . . is Peace.

Life is complicated in our world right now. If it isn’t the seemingly forever looming pandemic and its new varieties, stress might hit closer to home with a burden you have been carrying that seems impossible. What we really want for Christmas is more than gifts this world can offer. Yet Christ came to give it freely. Peace of mind, peace with others. Peace that surpasses all understanding.

What We Really Want for Christmas . . . is Forgiveness.

We need peace in our minds and peace with others, but before that can happen, we need forgiveness. This gift of forgiveness seems too hard to come by in a world that does not recognize grace. But here again, Jesus came to freely give us this gift we could not afford.

What We Really Want for Christmas . . . is Acceptance.

So here we are overwhelmed by gifts we could not bring, simply given to us freely from a heart that accepts and loves us just as we are. No performance or achievement could give us this gain, only trusting in Jesus’ name.

What We Really Want for Christmas . . . is Significance.

At the core of our being, we just want to be known and accepted and to know that our life mattered. We want to leave a legacy. But without Christ, we have no legacy to leave. And in all of our desires, we realize that Christ satisfied all of our wants with Himself.

What We Really Want for Christmas . . . is Jesus.

The gift of God coming in the flesh is overwhelming to consider. The God Who Sees — He sees what you really need. He left Heaven to save you and give you these heavenly gifts of peace, forgiveness, acceptance, and significance. So what do we do with these gifts that Christ brings? Live our lives as a holy offering. Share His gifts with others who are hurting or in need. Living His legacy so others can find and know Him.

May your Christmas be blessed,

Jeff Rogers