There are a lot of things that can invoke fear in our lives. Fear of not doing enough for our family. Fear of not leaving the legacy we want to leave for loved ones. But there is a fear we should embrace that dispels all other fears.

The Fear of Not Doing Enough

The fear of not doing enough is ultimately going to become a reality. None of us can fully do enough when we compare it to what Christ has done for us. The goal should not be a nebulous goal of “enough”, but just the goal of being faithful. We dismantle the fear of not being or doing enough when we admit we are not enough and trust in Christ as our sufficiency.

The Fear of Not Leaving a Legacy

There are a lot of things that we can fear will be left unsaid in this uncertain life. We want to make sure those around us know they are loved and cared for, but life can sometimes get in the way and our intentionality or lack of intentionality can inhibit leaving the legacy we want to leave. But when we focus on leaving Christ’s legacy rather than our own, that legacy lasts for eternity.

The Fear of God

Fear can cripple us and keep us from leaving a legacy but the right kind of fear can transform our lives and the lives of those around us. We can get sidetracked by all the fears in this life or direct those fears to the one and only fear we are supposed to have: the fear of God. When we stand in awe of God we live significant lives that impact others and we kick the world’s fears to the curb.

Yours for a Thriving Legacy,
Jeff Rogers