Living in the rhythm of our daily routines, we can lose sight of the eternal perspective Jesus intended for us to live by. Our Kingdom focus can become blurry while we attend to all the pressing needs surrounding us. And yet living with an eternal perspective in every aspect of our lives would relieve so much of the pressure and stress we feel. More than that, it just might make an incredible difference in our lives and the lives of many.

Author Randy Alcorn serves as one such example. A pastor for 13 years, he endured multiple jailings and found himself along with a group of people being sued by abortion clinics in multiple cases because of peaceful protests, ultimately to the tune of over $8 million dollars. When his church was going to be fined, he quit as a pastor, started his ministry, “Eternal Perspective Ministries” and worked for minimum wage, to avoid paying fees to abortion clinics, giving away 100% of his book royalties. He could not in good conscience have finances go to support the abortion industry, and chose to bear financial consequences for twenty years until the court judgment subsided.

Thirty years later, he and his wife, Nanci, still give 100% of book royalties away to ministries and recently crossed the threshold of having given away $8.2 million dollars in royalties. God blessed Randy’s faithfulness to abide by God’s principles and Randy is truly living with an eternal perspective – his ministry name. You can read Randy’s entire story here.

We might not have over $8 million that we can give to God’s Kingdom, but how can we affect this world now with an eternal perspective on our finances, family, and life? Status quo left in the dust, God has plans for us. Living with an eternal perspective changes everything. Or, what we like to say here at Stewardship Legacy Coaching, viewing our lives through the lens of Biblical stewardship provides a framework that breathes life and clarity into the other areas of our legacy. Having a Kingdom mentality in a fallen world might be a bit of a bumpy ride every now and then, but nothing compares with the superior pleasure of following after the heartbeat of God rather than of man.

Yours for Wise Stewardship,

Jeff Rogers