The holidays have come and gone and now we lie in the chasm between the former year and the new. Embracing ourselves for whatever the new year brings, we slowly convince ourselves to take a look behind us to see what we can glean. Sometimes we would rather forget the past year with its bumps and bruises, but history informs us if we let it.

As we seek to make an imprint and leave a legacy in the year ahead, we have a great tool to help us as we move forward. Taking inventory of this past year, we have insight to take us into the new year successfully.

Companies take inventory at the end of the year to determine the expenditures and profits they realized. There is wisdom in introspection and it is not just for businesses.  Taking spiritual inventory of our lives at the end of a year gives us insight. Did we number our days aright to gain a heart of wisdom? Take it all in. The good and the bad. Go through your calendar and consider the past year. What objectives or goals did you have? Did you meet any of them? Why or why not? When we survey where we have been, we gain understanding of what impeded us from achieving what we wanted to. Self-assessment can be daunting, but the fruit from evaluating ourselves can be beautiful and make the year to come the best one yet.

Taking inventory of your walk with God.
Have you grown spiritually and is there evidence of a growing relationship with the LORD? How has your faith impacted those around you?

Taking inventory of your family.
Did you connect with your family on a deeper level this past year? How are the people in your lives doing spiritually? How can you help them grow in their walk with God?

Taking inventory of your work.
What career or business goals did you have this past year? Has your work felt meaningless or significant? The blessing of God is when we can enjoy the work of our hands. Work is work, but when we are doing what God has called us to do, work can be fulfilling and a source of joy.

Taking financial inventory.
Our faith, families and work are not the only things we steward. The finances God has entrusted to us are for His glory and purposes. How did you do financially in 2017?

Intentional Goal Setting
Goals and dreams don’t just happen. Dare to Dream Again. Don’t let the fear of unrealized goals hold you back. Any progress toward goals is movement in the right direction. Put your goals into action by writing them down, then set a plan in place to make them happen. Don’t look to the past and let it define you. The past instructs us, but it need not limit us. Below are some tools to help guide you as you evaluate and consider where you’ve come from and where you are going in 2018.

One of the things we are grateful for at the end of this year is you. We hope we have encouraged you in this past year to form and to steward your legacy and all that God has given you, all for God’s glory. As we enter the new year, may we enter it informed and encouraged to give our very best in the year to come. Happy New Year!


Taking Inventory: Tools to Apply What We’ve Learned