Feast. The word captures our senses and embodies so much imagery for those of us who love the Thanksgiving holiday. It might be the aromatic spices, the tantalizing fare, the festive mood or the precious people around us, but a feast delights our souls.

Biblical feasts of old had a spiritual significance that was woven into their celebrations down to the decorations and the food that they ate, but our modern day feasts and celebrations might not be so meaningful unless we are intentional.

The dictionary defines a feast as a noun and a verb; basically equating to a large amount of food set in a celebratory atmosphere or the act of ravenous eating. There is more than one definition of the word “feast”, though. This one, in particular, caught my eye: “to dwell with gratification or delight, as on a picture or view.”

This latter definition requires us to pause in the moment and consider our blessings. Feasting and dwelling on the goodness of God in our lives.

What if we didn’t worry too much about the expectations we set for the feast and all of its preparations, but chose to feast on the moment itself?

Below are some resources to help your family time together be special. Feast on the moments God is giving you with loved ones this Thanksgiving and be present in the moment.

Creating Significant Family Moments Together

  • This article shares ideas on family fun over the holidays.
  • 7 Days of Cultivating gratitude and a free ebook here.
  • Want to liven up some of your traditions? Here are a few suggestions.
  • Ideas for after the meal (other than sleeping off our turkey coma).


Happy Thanksgiving from Stewardship Legacy Coaching!