16 Jun, 2023

A Father’s Hope

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Every Father's Day is a reminder to everyone to honor their fathers. But it is also a reminder to Christian fathers to examine the hopes they have as a dad and to remind themselves to continue to press on toward those hopes. A father's hope in Christ helps the common hopes of this life to [...]

20 Jul, 2020

Resilient Hope and Faith’s Triumph

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Resilient Hope and Faith's Triumph—Good News Series part 1 Bad news can wear us down and it is easy to come by. But good news sparks hope and reminds us that bad news does not win in the end. But we can have resilient hope and faith's triumph in the hard places. In a recent [...]

17 Jun, 2020

Honoring Dad Every Day

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Honoring Dad Every Day Honoring Dad on Father's Day is expected. Every year it comes around and children pick out the infamous necktie or t-shirt to give to their dads, along with a funny Father's Day card. And every year dads are grateful for the gifts because it means they were blessed with children. They get [...]

19 Jun, 2016

The Five-Fold Legacy of a Father

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The impact of a father on his children is felt for generations. In a time where authority is questioned and leading is challenging, we need fathers to guide the next generation more now than ever. The future generation is being shaped in five major areas where Dad can make all the difference in the world. [...]

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